10# Seamless steel pipe

Production specification: Outer diameter of steel pipe 20-426 Steel pipe wall thickness of 20-426 Chemical composition: ● No. 10 seamless steel pipe chemical composition: Carbon C: 0.07~0.14" silicon Si: 0.17 ~ 0.37 Manganese Mn: 0.35 ~ 0.65 Sulfur S: ≤0.04 Phosphorus P: ≤0.35 chromium Cr: ≤0.15 Nickel Ni: ≤0.25 Copper Cu: ≤0.25 Mechanical property: Mechanical properties of No. 10 seamless steel pipe:Tensile strength σb (MPa) : ≥410(42) Yield strength σs (MPa) : ≥245(25) elongation δ5 (%) : ≥25 sectional shrinkage (%) : ≥5, hardness: unheated,≤156HB, sample size: 25mm. High quality carbon structural steel: No. 10 seamless steel pipe does not contain other alloy elements (except residual elements) except carbon (C) element and a certain amount of silicon (Si) for deoxidation (generally not more than 0.40%), manganese (Mn) (generally not more than 0.80%, up to 1.20%) alloy elements. Such steel must have both chemical composition and mechanical properties. The contents of sulfur (S) and phosphorus (P) are generally controlled below 0.035%. If it is controlled below 0.030%, it is called high quality steel, and "A" should be added after the grade, such as 20A; If P is controlled below 0.025% and S is controlled below 0.020%, it is called extra high quality steel, and "E" should be added after the grade to show the difference. For other residual alloying elements brought into steel by raw materials, such as chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), etc., the content of Cr≤0.25%, Ni≤0.30%, Cu≤0.25%. Some brands of manganese (Mn) content up to 1.40%, known as manganese steel. No. 10 seamless steel pipe weight calculation formula :[(outer diameter - wall thickness)* wall thickness]*0.02466=kg/ m (weight per meter)

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